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Why you need a workplace alcohol and drug testing?

Workplace drug testing is a hot topic of discussion in employment and legal issues. Despite the concerns about employee privacy raised by various worker and civil rights groups, workplace drug testing has increased dramatically by 277% since 1987. It is estimated that drug and alcohol abuse costs employers approximately $87 billion annually in lost time, accidents, health care, and workers compensation.

Employers suffer from hiring substance abusers in many ways. Not only do they run the risk of having deadly or dangerous accidents occur, but substance abusers also cost employers money and hurt them financially.
Substance abusers may:
Have poor work performance.
Frequently call out of or arrive late to the workplace.
Frequently change workplaces.
Struggle with productivity.
File for workers' compensation claims and benefits.
Therefore, employers should require drug tests under a variety of circumstances, including:
Pre-employment selection screening
Reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of a substance
Post-accident documentation to determine causal factors
Periodic testing
Random testing
As an employer or human resources representative, you have the right to require employees come to work sober and unimpaired as outlined in your Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy. Within that right, you have the ability to test employees for drugs and alcohol if you suspect they are under the influence while on the job.

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